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Corporate FAQ2023-02-23T16:34:45+01:00


Here you’ll find answers to common questions about outsourcing, manufacturing and sourcing products from China.

What is OEM?2023-02-23T15:26:40+01:00

OEM refers to a company that produces products for another company to sell under its own brand name. Essentially, an OEM manufacturer designs, engineers, and manufactures a product based on the buyer’s specifications. The buyer then sells the product under its own brand name, with modifications to suit their particular market or customer preferences.

At Aware Sourcing, we have years of experience helping businesses source OEM products in China.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you source OEM products in China.
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How long does it take to make a sample, and how does it vary?2023-02-23T15:55:49+01:00

It varies based on complexity and manufacturing method, but typically takes 2 month for tooling and 3 weeks for sample production.

What documentation do you need to provide for an accurate quote from a factory in China?2023-02-23T15:58:38+01:00

Ideally, CAD files(3D files), material specifications, and estimated quantities.

Can Chinese manufacturers produce high-end products at a lower cost?2023-02-23T15:54:35+01:00

Yes, but quality can depend on the price paid.

How long does it take for Aware Sourcing to identify a suitable manufacturer?2023-02-23T15:40:46+01:00

The time varies depending on factors like complexity and manufacturing method, but can take up to 30 days.

What products does Aware Sourcing specialize in sourcing, and what industries do they have experience in?2023-02-23T15:41:18+01:00

Aware Sourcing specializes in sourcing components and products made from metals and plastics, and has experience in the renewable energy and recreational vehicle markets.

What is the commission fee for working with a Aware Sourcing agent?2023-02-18T04:33:00+01:00

China sourcing agents may charge a commission fee based on the total dollar value of the purchase order, typically ranging from 3% to 10%. The exact commission fee will depend on the type of product required and the size of the order.

Why outsource manufacturing to China, and is it cost-effective?2023-02-23T15:47:57+01:00

Outsourcing manufacturing to China can be cost-effective due to lower labor costs and a well-developed supply chain.

What are the benefits of hiring a sourcing agent in China?2023-02-23T17:35:14+01:00

A sourcing agent can help navigate cultural differences, language barriers, and unfamiliar business practices, and save time and money.

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